Pricing & What's Included

Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch welcomes you to take a complete journey with us.  You will be able to enjoy the entire pregnancy, whelping and rearing of your puppy. 

We delight in sharing ultrasound and puppy count pictures, a live webcam of birth and daily progress.  Watch with your friends and family.  We also email you a detailed written report every 10 days with pictures. Babies are ready for their new home at 9 weeks of age. 

AHDR ScamFree Certificate

All pet puppies are $3000.00 (USD) each.  We honor and appreciate our Military, First Responders and Educators with a $250.00 discount.  Click below to learn more about our Adoption Process

What is included with your Australian Labradoodle

The very best start in life…fully integrated to family life, socialized with all ages of people, other dogs, various animals.  Your puppy will have been introduced to crate training, potty training outside and pee pads inside.  Pups will be comfortable riding in a car and stroller.  Desensitized to a collar/leash, heights, motion, all types of surfaces, day and night outdoor playtime. 

They will understand that bedtime is quiet and a wonderful thing.  Their vocabulary will include come, sit, wait, outside, inside, go potty, walk with me, leave it, up, down, off, no bite and more.