They'll melt your heart...

These are just a few of our past litters...

Litter by Roo and Boomer

Roo and Boomer had seven puppies June 27th 2022.  See below for pictures of these adorable puppies (at 5 weeks old) and their parents! 

These photos will be updated as soon as new photos are available.

Daddy Boomer

Papa Bodhi - Australian Labradoodle Litter Dad

Mommy Roo

Mama Roo - Australian Labradoodle Litter Mom

And their babies...

ADHR - Australian Labradoodle Current Litter 3
Photo Gallery - Click each photo for larger image.

Litter by Hunny & Bodhi

Hunny and Bodhi had six puppies on June 28th 2022.   Amazing litter (at 5 weeks old).

Hunny & Bodhi - Labradoodle Litter
Photo Gallery - Click each photo for larger image.

"Be careful, our babies are like potato chips. It's hard to only have one."

~ Karen Yapp ~

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Guardian Family Opportunities

We are currently looking for Guardian Owners for our breeding program. Being a Guardian Owner means you are able to be the forever family to one of our beautiful breeding dogs, while being an ambassador of the Australian Labradoodle breed. If you think being a Guardian Owner might be a good option for you, please review all the information on our Guardians page. Once you’ve read through everything, if you decide you would like to become a guardian to one of our precious dogs, please complete and submit the Guardian Application.
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