Why Australian Labradoodles Are Special

Why Australian Labradoodles Are Special

We all heard the phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend” – and this is absolutely true when it comes to owning Australian Labradoodles. These dogs’ love and devotion to their human companions is simply amazing.

They make great companion and guide dog. Through careful breeding practices that prioritize temperament, the breed has evolved into one of the smartest and most intuitive breeds of all time. A cross between the parent breeds’ high intelligence.

Your Australian Labradoodle will have you walking on water. Their love for you is palpable, as evidenced by the way they make eye contact with you and observe your body language. The Australian Labradoodle is highly intuitive, sensing when you require additional attention.

They are aware of your every mood and will act accordingly by simply being nearby when you need a friend. Their happy and joyful antics will instantly put a smile on your face. If your smile does not appear quickly enough, don’t be surprised if your Australian Labradoodle begins acting goofy and funny, attempting a variety of methods to get you to laugh and smile; they are wonderful and very persistent.

With their intelligence, this breed is very easy to train. If not trained, they can quickly outwit their owners. They enjoy learning new things and excel at a rapid pace. They make excellent agility, guide, and assistance dogs, among other things.

These dogs loves being near their human companion people because of their special bond with them. They are not a good choice if you want a dog who lives mostly outside or in a kennel. They are best when they are part of the family; joining family outings and spending time with the family indoors or outdoors.  The Australian Labradoodle is a true family companion breed.

Perfect companion - Australian Labradoodles

Because this breed of Labradoodle has a nearly odor-free non-shedding coat, it is a popular choice for those who are allergic to dogs. The non-shed coat eliminates dog hair from your furniture, carpeting, and clothing. Their coat will require grooming; you can easily learn to do this, and most people enjoy doing so. Groomers are another excellent option.

All dogs will go through a coat transition from puppy to adult. In breeds with a hair coat, the puppy coat sheds and the adult coat replaces it. The fleece and wool coat of your Australian Labradoodle puppy must be brushed or stripped out, or extreme matting will occur. 

This transition usually occurs between the ages of 8 and 12 months. You will need to brush your puppy on a daily basis during this time. Once the adult coat has grown in, an occasional trim and bath left to air-dry naturally, brushing a couple times a week, and a trim every 6-8 weeks will keep your Australian Labradoodle looking great.

They have a strong instinct to fetch and retrieve; they enjoy the interaction and quickly learn to bring the thrown object back to their owner. They will play for hours with anyone who is willing to play and will get plenty of exercise as a result. One of the first games we teach our puppies is this one. They can be a little mouthy, but they never bite. In an attempt to play, they have been known to grab your sleeve or pant leg in their mouth.

Australian Labradoodles, like all other breeds, have distinct personality traits that vary from puppy to puppy. Some will be more mellow, content to be near and do whatever you are doing at the time. They enjoy playing fetch and going for walks and they make wonderful service and therapy dogs – and certainly perfect for families with multiple members.

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Whether your questions about Australian Labradoodle, or not too sure about the process of adopting one ~ just ask Karen.  She’ll be happy to advise and clarify any queries you may have.