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Welcome to Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch ~ where our lovely Australian Labradoodle puppies are just waiting for you!

Honey & Joey Are Expecting

Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch is excited to announce that Honey and Joey enjoyed their honeymoon in July 2023.  They’ll bring us beautiful miniatures in colors of caramel, apricot and/or red.

This will be our last litter of 2023; applications are now being accepted.  Learn more about our Adoption Process or click below to complete our Adoption Application Form.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Mommy Honey

Mom - Hunny Boo Boo AHDR

Roo & Boomer's Litter

Roo and Boomer enjoyed their honeymoon in May and had their puppies in July 2023.  Their beautiful miniature offsprings are in the color range of caramel, apricot, red and parti (any of these colors with white).

Watch The Little Ones ~ Live Webcam Streaming

Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch provides our families with access to a live puppy cam so we may share the entire journey together.  Once you place a deposit on a litter, we will provide you with a private link.  

Our 2023 Reservation List ~ Now Open!

We are planning a total of five litters this year from Hunny (litter date of birth: 8th February), Lily (litter date of birth:  15th March), Roo (litter expected on 4th July); coming soon ~  Sheila and Mia.  We will always keep our hands-on, in-home program small to ensure we provide you with the very best personalized service. 

Thanks to our previous satisfied puppy families and stellar reputation, the desire to adopt a pup from Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch is high.  Please contact us and reserve your spot as early as possible.

Meet Our Beautiful
Moms & Dads

Mommy Bindy

Mom - Leapfrog Bindy

Adoption Process

Ready to adopt a puppy? Learn more about our Adoption Process.

AHDR - Australian Labradoodle Current Litter 4
AHDR - Australian Labradoodle Current Litter 2

Pricing & What's Included

Learn more about our price and what is included with a Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle from Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch.

He's so excited to go home with you!

Hi! I’m all set and ready to give you all the love I have in me… So, come and visit us at Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch.  We’re waiting for you…

Australian Labradoodle Puppy at Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch

We are proud to be a part of WALA & Achieving Awards for 2023

Our Family First Program

We are a small but experienced and established in-home breeder in Oregon.  We believe in ethical breeding, devoted to giving all of our attention to one litter at a time.

Our priority is to build trust and a strong relationship with new owners, guiding and supporting them through the emotional process of adopting their new life-long companion and family member.

Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch (AHDR) creates loving Family Members as they are requested ensuring each of our puppies land in loving, forever homes.

All of our parents are successful graduates of vigorous testing which exceed Association Standards.​

Our 3 Year Health Warranty is a result of our hard work, investment and commitment to each of our puppies and you.​

We are very proud to be Members in good standing with the following associations:

WALA-(Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association) Member# 1019-00990 ​ achieving Champion and All Star breeding status by exceeding testing standards and continuing education.

Karen has served on the WALA Board of Directors since 2019 and was re-elected in 2022 to serve another term.

Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch continues to be a GoodDog Breeder Member with a status of Excellent.​

We are Breeder Members of Avidog University and Puppy Culture.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole"

~ Roger Cara ~

Why Choose Us

Dogs Are Family Members First

All of our puppies are raised in our home as family members first. We only breed to fill a demand. By choosing AHDR you will receive a puppy that has been raised as a single litter. This means that all of our hard work, endless time and training will be completely focused on your pup. Both you and your puppy deserve the very best start to your life long journey together!

Temperament Counts

Equally important to health is temperament. We follow a daily protocol from each puppy’s first day of life and continue until they are ready to go to their Forever Families.

  • Each of our puppies enjoy being treated as individuals, allowing their unique personality to flourish.

  • Socialization with their litter mates, other health protected dogs, adults, children and various other animal species (cats, horses, goats, pig, donkey).

  • An Introduction to various sights, sounds, textures and environments give them confidence and problem solving skills.

  • Your new puppy will have a complete daily evaluation and testing for nine weeks. 

We get to know your puppy and their core personality very well allowing us to match them to your needs. We will have open discussions regarding the best fit for you and the puppies. This is an extremely important, detailed process to ensure your expectations are met and that you have a Family Member for life!  We encourage you to keep in mind that particular colors you may like or gender may seem important but, they don’t matter if you are not happy with your puppy’s personality or behavior.

What You Get with Your Puppy

You will receive the following from ADHR with your new Puppy:​​​

  • Three Year Health Warranty

  • Five Generation Pedigree (rare)

  • WALA Registration Certificate

  • Health Certification by our Licensed Vet

  • All Age Appropriate Vaccines/Worming

  • Microchip

  • A “Family First” Introduction to Life

  • A lifelong Relationship of Support

  • A swag bag to help you and your new puppy achieve the best start together

  • Continuous updates and pictures from conception to going home

​We want you to be completely satisfied for life with your new Family Member and will always be available to support you.

Education & Mentorship​

Karen is an active Board Member of The Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association-WALA.  Continuous education ensures that Karen and Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch are up to date on the latest research, testing, pedigree analysis and breeding techniques.  Another integral part of our program is our wonderful Mentor, Cheyene Dyer with Leapfrog Labradoodles and Kathy Waggener with Cherry Lane Labradoodles.

We are so very fortunate to have both Cheyene’s and Kathy’s countless years of experience, phenomenal reputation and support infused into our program.

Both Cheyene and Kathy are Founding Member of WALA.

What to Expect from Our Puppies

By the time you pick up your puppy you will be equipped with a wealth of knowledge and insight specific to your puppy’s core personality. Imagine if we could know this about people before we met them?

  • Your puppy will arrive with an Introduction to potty training, crate training, basic obedience commands (sit, leave it, come) and be desensitized to a collar/leash (they are too young to have mastered these behaviors, but you will have a running start).

  • All the common sounds and sights of a family household in action (television, vacuum cleaner, the roomba scooting around the floors, washing machine/dryer, radio, people coming and going, door bells, sudden and intentional loud noises and the list goes on). 

  • Your puppy will have experienced numerous car rides, a trip to the Vet, grooming tools, a bath, blow dryer, the sound of an electric trimmer and scissors, nail clipping and anything else we think of along the way.

Professional Ethical Breeding

It all starts with Professional and Ethical Breeding for us. That includes:

  • Being Members in Good Standing with WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association), achieving Champion and All Star breeder status by exceeding WALA standards.

  • The confidence to  offer a Three Year Health Warranty

  • Rigorously tested  dams and sires

  • A combination of AviDog and Puppy Culture Programs

  • A 3rd party, professional unbiased evaluation

Karen & pups

Confidence Building training during Adventure Walk

Guardian Family Opportunities

We are currently looking for Guardian Owners for our breeding program. Being a Guardian Owner means you are able to be the forever family to one of our beautiful breeding dogs, while being an ambassador of the Australian Labradoodle breed. If you think being a Guardian Owner might be a good option for you, please review all the information on our Guardians page. Once you’ve read through everything, if you decide you would like to become a guardian to one of our precious dogs, please complete and submit the Guardian Application.

Trusted by many happy owners

These are just a few of many positive reviews and testimonials from happy owners.  Read more on Google Reviews.

We got our pup from Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch this fall and she has been an absolute pleasure. Karen is a dream to work with-- she is available for all questions, big and small, and her love for these pups is evident in how well they are cared for and their excellent temperaments and health. Our baby girl adjusted quickly to our family and she is already bonding with each family member individually. She's easy to train and eager to please and her playful, loyal personality is already apparent. She brings us so much joy-- this was one of the best decisions we've ever made. I can't say enough good things about this experience!

Jamie Snider

I reached out to Karen when searching for the newest addition to the family. Best decision ever! Karen was very knowledgeable, helpful and has been so great to work with every step of the way. She truly loves what she does and it shows in the amazing puppies. My Howie is adjusting so well to his new home and family. The great care, nurturing and love he started out with undoubtedly made it so much easier for him. He is confident, happy and all around just the best puppy! I highly recommend Karen and Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch. I could not be happier with everything about this journey!

Sandra Morris

Karen is absolutely AMAZING! This breeder goes the extra mile. Her puppies are one of a kind. Karen is very caring, thorough, organized and extremely knowledgeable in puppy nutrition, vaccines, training and all around health of a puppy. She will be by your side from the beginning to the end of your dogs life if you choose. No question is a bad one in Karen’s eyes and she takes all the time in the world explaining and sharing her knowledge. I’m sooo thankful we found her as our breeder and friend.

Jenny Edgerton

Karen is a professional responsible breeder. She cares deeply about her dogs and puppies. She raises them in her home. She educates you about all health testing she has done and puppy raising and it continues even when the puppy is in your new home. When you pick a puppy it is so hard to decide on just one. They are so cute and well cared for. I wouldn’t get an Australian Labradoodle from anyone else and neither should you!!!

Hariamrit Khalsa

We had such an incredible experience with Karen! She is amazing and so helpful. We are first time puppy owners and Karen made our first experience purchasing a puppy amazing. She is very informative and available to answer any questions/concerns. We are so happy with our pup! 🙂

Courtney Osborn

Karen at Autumn Harvest is an incredible Breeder/person. She takes such care in choosing her breeding to result in Healthy well balanced pups. She goes above and beyond in health testing and temperament testing. Autumn Harvest there puppy buyers are family for life!

Ron Grace

Karen has shown a depth of commitment and care that sets her apart from any other breeder we spoke with. We have two very young grandsons, so wanted to be sure our new dog would not be aggressive. Karen acclimates her puppies to noise and accidental bumps, as well as children and other animals, while giving her pups lots of attention and affection, fostering a lovely temperament.

Susan Stoddard-Phillips

Just in case you're not too sure...

Whether you have questions about Australian Labradoodles, or not too sure about the process of adopting one ~ just ask Karen.  She’ll be happy to advise and clarify any queries you may have.

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